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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – adopted by all United Nations (UN) Member States in 2015 provide a roadmap to change the course of the 21st century for a new, fairer, more sustainable world, including a central drive to achieve full equality of men and women by 2030. Current trajectories towards gender equality will not create the world we seek. The achievement of this ambitious agenda will require transformative shifts, integrated approaches, and new solutions. Bottom-up initiatives are key to accelerate the process and ensuring greater accountability.

In advocacy of SDGs Goal 5 – Gender Equality; Goal 8 – Decent work for all; moreover, both Goals 16 and 17 – Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions Partnerships for the Goals; we are conducting a case study to analyse the current UN hiring system from the perspective of highly qualified women applicants to identify the obstacles to entry, their causes, measure the socio-economic impact of this under-representation and present our findings to the United Nations bodies.



    • Organize 30 Accountability Buddy workgroups of 4 members
    • Location: worldwide


  • Individuals who are seeking a position at the UN secretariat or its agencies
  • Preferably at the following agencies: ITC, UNFCCC, ITU, WMO, FAO, UNITAR, UNOPS, UNIDOS, IPU, ICAO, IAEA, UNU, UNICC
  • With
    • at least 5 years experience in their field
    • an advanced university degree
    • oral and written command of English


    • 6 months
    • 30 mins/biweekly for Accountability Buddy online check-in meetings
    • 5-8 mins/biweekly to complete online status questionnaire
    • Plus time spent applying for a position within the UN hiring system


    • Each group will be accompanied by a coordinator
    • Each group will receive information on how to effectively complete their Personal History Profile (PHP)
    • Each group will receive information on opportunities, specific advice on interview practices, decorum, etc.


  • The results of the case study will be published in academic papers, presented to UN affiliated organizations (conferences, agencies, websites, social media) and will be used for the purpose of enhancing the work of the Women at the UN – Accountability Buddy Network.
  • Please note this is a case study only. All the support materials that will be provided during the study will not guarantee a job at the UN secretariat or its agencies.

We appreciate your support in this endeavor by completing this questionnaire for an opportunity to participate in the case study: Participant selection questionnaire


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