Case Study participants testimonials

Rita – 10 years plus experience in IT. Applied for P4/P5 positions at the UN. ” It is already recognized that female applicants tend to be more conservative in their approach than the male counterparts.The UN managers should recognize this trait during recruitment and rate it more as a strength of rationality than a weakness.The UN should, therefore, put more favorable criteria to identify the true potentials of these women which may not manifest easily during tests or interviews. For example, paying closer attention to their academic and job history as well as recommendations/commendations from past employers could be ranked higher than the actual interview or test.”

Yuliya – 2 years plus experience in Legal. Interned in the last 6 months at the UN. ” To continue with activities of this kind  (Accountability Buddy Group) in order to make the UN approachable to the general public. It is only to the benefit of the UN to get great minds from outside of the organization, and especially that of women!”

Michelle – 5 years plus experience in Communications. Applied for P2/P3 positions at the UN.  ” I think women at the UN are undervalued and are not realistically considered for positions, despite their qualifications. The UN has a systemic problem. In order to change it, training and education must be provided. I posit that many of the people who are in the decision-making positions, have been there for a long time and hold a Androcentrism view of things, where they see things through a male perspective only and may have developed a male superiority complex.”

Lydia – 7 years plus experience in Natural Science. Applied for P3/P4 positions at the UN. ” In my opinion, I think the application process needs to be improved. Applicants need to be informed more promptly on the status of their application rather than being kept on a waiting list so to speak for so long on INSPIRA. For example, all my applications made during the six months of the study have been under consideration; I am not sure when this status will change, if ever.”


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